Stella Engagement Index

Employee engagement is the emotional and behavioral commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals. Engaged employees:

• have PURPOSE

• are PASSIONATE about their work

• feel CONNECTED to their colleagues

• believe in their org's MISSION

• know how they CONTRIBUTE


• have a DRIVE for RESULTS


• have higher levels of COMMITMENT
so will want to STAY!

State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report, Gallup

Engagement & Feedback

Feedback from direct reports is critical to highlight areas they wish their manager to do “more of”, “less of” or “change” so they can maximize team engagement.

Engagement & Motivation

Managers who commit to the Engagement Index process are guaranteed to see improvements in their team’s motivation, results, high-performing behaviors, retention and culture.

More Benefits of an Engagement Index

• Immediate Actionable Results
• Manager Learning Insights
• Positive Manager/Team Collaboration
• Shift from Boss to Coach
• Backed by Research and Practice

By 2025, 75% of our Workforce will be Millennials
(Gen Y & Gen Z). They want engagement, feedback & regular performance conversations...

Leader's, you hold the pivotal role in influencing your team's get moving and commit to your team's success today!